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08K8202 08K8203 16V 4.5A Adapter Charger for ThinkPad T40 T41 T42 T43 R50 R50e R51 R52

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08K8202 08K8203 16V 4.5A Adapter Charger for ThinkPad T40 T41 T42 T43 R50 R50e R51 R52 

Item Number: IBM16V4.5A72W-5.5x2.5mm
Input: 100-240V~ 1.5A,50-60HZ
Adapter Output Voltage: 16V
Adapter Output Current: 4.5A
Adapter Power: 72W
Adapter Plug Size: 5.5 x 2.5mm
Weight( Adapter only ) :220g
Dimension( L x W x H ):115.50 x 51.50 x 30.20mm

Package Include:
 1 x AC Adapter
 1 x Power Cord You Selected

Compatible Mainbody Numbers: 
01H6136 AC Adapter02K0077 AC Adapter02K5669 AC Adapter02K6491 AC Adapter02K6496 AC Adapter02K6497 AC Adapter02K6542 AC Adapter02K6543 AC Adapter02K6544 AC Adapter02K6545 AC Adapter02K6547 AC Adapter02K6548 AC Adapter02K6549 AC Adapter02K6550 AC Adapter02K6554 AC Adapter02K6555 AC Adapter02K6556 AC Adapter02K6557 AC Adapter02K6583 AC Adapter02K6584 AC Adapter02K6585 AC Adapter02K6586 AC Adapter02K6654 AC Adapter02K6657 AC Adapter02K6658 AC Adapter02K6661 AC Adapter02K6665 AC Adapter02K6666 AC Adapter02K6669 AC Adapter02K6670 AC Adapter02K6671 AC Adapter02K6673 AC Adapter02K6674 AC Adapter02K6677 AC Adapter02K6699 AC Adapter02K6700 AC Adapter02K6701 AC Adapter02K6702 AC Adapter02K6703 AC Adapter02K6704 AC Adapter02K6705 AC Adapter02K6706 AC Adapter02K6707 AC Adapter02K6708 AC Adapter02K6709 AC Adapter02K6744 AC Adapter02K6746 AC Adapter02K6747 AC Adapter02K6749 AC Adapter02K6750 AC Adapter02K6751 AC Adapter02K6753 AC Adapter02K6754 AC Adapter02K6756 AC Adapter02K6757 AC Adapter02K6808 AC Adapter02K6809 AC Adapter02K6810 AC Adapter02K6813 AC Adapter02K6814 AC Adapter02K6815 AC Adapter02K6816 AC Adapter02K6880 AC Adapter02K6881 AC Adapter02K6882 AC Adapter02K6883 AC Adapter02K6884 AC Adapter02K6886 AC Adapter02K6887 AC Adapter02K6888 AC Adapter02K6889 AC Adapter02K6890 AC Adapter02K6891 AC Adapter02K7006 AC Adapter02K7007 AC Adapter02K7010 AC Adapter02K7011 AC Adapter02K7654 AC Adapter04H4020 AC Adapter04H6903 AC Adapter08K8202 AC Adapter08K8203 AC Adapter08K8204 AC Adapter08K8205 AC Adapter08K8206 AC Adapter08K8207 AC Adapter08K8208 AC Adapter08K8209 AC Adapter08K8210 AC Adapter08K8211 AC Adapter08K8212 AC Adapter08K8213 AC Adapter10K0150 AC Adapter10K0151 AC Adapter10K3820 AC Adapter11J8956 AC Adapter11J8974 AC Adapter12J1443 AC Adapter12J1444 AC Adapter22P7091 AC Adapter22P7092 AC Adapter22P9003 AC Adapter22P9009 AC Adapter22P9010 AC Adapter22P9021 AC Adapter24P0151 AC Adapter31P3975 AC Adapter36H6340 AC Adapter40Y7682 AC Adapter59G7988 AC Adapter59G7991 AC Adapter73G3393 AC Adapter73G3411 AC Adapter73P4485 AC Adapter

Fit Machine Model: 

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08K8202 08K8203 16V 4.5A Adapter Charger for ThinkPad T40 T41 T42 T43 R50 R50e R51 R52 Power supply

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