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Gateway QND1ACYZZZTA43 QND1ACYZZZTA60 19V 4.74A Laptop AC Adapter

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Gateway QND1ACYZZZTA43  QND1ACYZZZTA60  19V 4.74A Laptop AC Adapter

Product Description:

Input: 100 - 240V
Input Frequency: 50 - 60Hz
Output Voltage: 19V
Output Current: 4.74A
Connecter Size: 5.5mm*2.5mm

This Laptop ac adapter can replace the following part numbers:

0220A1990  83-110093-2100 83-110106-2400 103923 103924 104256 104303 105926 105927 105928  2521974R  2521974R(65W)

2521997  2521997R  2521997R(90W)2525534 2527738R  6500097  6500175  6500519  6500550  6500589  6500591  6500693  

6500706  6500714  6500721  6500722  6500723  6500731  6500739  6500887ACE83-11011  ACE83-110087-3100  ACE83-110093-

2100  ACE83-110106-2400  ACE83-110114  
ADP-45CB  API3AD030LSE0220  A1990PA-1650-01PA-1650-01(19V 65W)   QCD1ACYZZZTA43  QND1ACYZZZTA43  QND1ACYZZZTA60  REV 

A1   REVA1(19V 50W)   SA70-3105SA80-3115 SA80T-3115 SA80T-3115-1412    VA15B21001637

This Laptop ac adapter is also compatible with the following models:

Gateway 3018GZGateway 3040GZGateway 3520GZGateway 3522GZGateway 3525GBGateway 3545GZGateway 3550GHGateway 

3550GZGateway 3610GZGateway 400SD4Gateway 400VTXGateway 4012GZGateway 4024GZGateway 4025GZGateway 4026GZGateway 

4028GZGateway 4028JPGateway 4030GZGateway 450SX4Gateway 4520GZGateway 4525GZGateway 4530GHGateway 4530GZGateway 

4535GZGateway 4536GZGateway 4538GZGateway 4540GZGateway 4542GPGateway 600YG2Gateway 600YGRGateway 6010GZGateway 

6018GHGateway 6018GZGateway 6020GZGateway 6021GHGateway 6021GZGateway 6022GZGateway 6023GPGateway 6510GZGateway 

6518GZGateway 6520GZGateway 6525GPGateway 6531GZGateway 6832JPGateway 6834MXGateway 8510GHGateway 8510GZGateway 

8515GZGateway 8550GBGateway C-5815Gateway C-5817Gateway C-5817cGateway CX2608Gateway CX2610Gateway CX2615Gateway 

CX2618Gateway CX2619Gateway CX2620Gateway CX2620hGateway CX2720Gateway CX2724Gateway CX2724hGateway CX2726Gateway 

CX2728Gateway CX2735mGateway CX2750Gateway CX2755Gateway M-1408JGateway M-1410jGateway M-1411jGateway M-1412Gateway 

M-1615Gateway M-1617Gateway M-1618Gateway M-1618NGateway M-1618RGateway M-1619JGateway M-1622Gateway M-1622HGateway 

M-1624Gateway M-1625Gateway M-1626Gateway M-6304Gateway M-6305Gateway M-6307Gateway M-6308Gateway M-6309Gateway M-

6312Gateway M-6315Gateway M-6316Gateway M-6317Gateway M-6318Gateway M-6319Gateway M-6750Gateway M-6750HGateway M-

6752Gateway M-6755Gateway M-6801MGateway M-6802MGateway M-6803MGateway M-6804MGateway M-6805MGateway M-6806MGateway 

M-6808MGateway M-6809MGateway M-6810MGateway M-6815Gateway M-6816Gateway M-6817Gateway M-6821BGateway M-6822Gateway 

M-6823Gateway M-6823AGateway M-6824Gateway M-6825JGateway M-6826JGateway M-6827JGateway M-6828BGateway M-6829BGateway 

M-6834Gateway M-6839JGateway M-6840JGateway M-6841Gateway M-6846Gateway M210Gateway M250Gateway M250AGateway 

M250BGateway M250EGateway M250ESGateway M250GGateway M250GSGateway M275Gateway M305Gateway M305CRVGateway M320Gateway 

M325Gateway M405Gateway ML3108BGateway ML3108QGateway ML3108VGateway ML3108ZGateway ML3109Gateway ML3706Gateway 

ML6226BGateway ML6227BGateway ML6227QGateway ML6227VGateway ML6227ZGateway ML6228Gateway ML6230Gateway ML6231Gateway 

ML6232Gateway ML6703Gateway ML6714Gateway ML6720Gateway ML6721Gateway ML6725Gateway MP6925JGateway MP6954Gateway 

MP6954HGateway MP8701JGateway MP8708Gateway MP8709Gateway MT3104BGateway MT3105JGateway MT3107BGateway MT3110CGateway 

MT3111CGateway MT3112CGateway MT3303JGateway MT3304JGateway MT3305JGateway MT3418Gateway MT3419Gateway MT3421Gateway 

MT3422Gateway MT3423Gateway MT3705Gateway MT3707Gateway MT3707BGateway MT3708Gateway MT3710CGateway MT3711CGateway 

MT3712BGateway MT3713CGateway MT3715CGateway MT6015JGateway MT6016JGateway MT6017Gateway MT6220BGateway MT6221JGateway 

MT6223BGateway MT6224JGateway MT6225JGateway MT6228JGateway MT6229JGateway MT6451Gateway MT6452Gateway MT6456Gateway 

MT6457Gateway MT6458Gateway MT6459Gateway MT6460Gateway MT6704Gateway MT6704HGateway MT6705Gateway MT6706Gateway 

MT6707Gateway MT6708Gateway MT6709Gateway MT6709HGateway MT6711Gateway MT6722BGateway MT6723Gateway MT6724BGateway 

MT6728Gateway MT6729Gateway MT6730Gateway MT6821Gateway MT6823BGateway MT6824bGateway MT6825BGateway MT6826JGateway 

MT6827JGateway MT6828Gateway MT6828HGateway MT6830Gateway MT6831Gateway MT6832BGateway MT6833BGateway MT6834BGateway 

MT6835JGateway MT6836JGateway MT6838JGateway MT6839BGateway MT6840Gateway MT6840HGateway MT6841Gateway MT6842BGateway 

MT6915BGateway MX3042Gateway MX3044Gateway MX3044HGateway MX3210Gateway MX3215Gateway MX3558Gateway MX3558HGateway 

MX3560Gateway MX3560HGateway MX3562Gateway MX3563Gateway MX3563HGateway MX3610Gateway MX6025Gateway MX6025hGateway 

MX6027Gateway MX6027hGateway MX6028Gateway MX6030Gateway MX6124Gateway MX6124hGateway MX6128Gateway MX6135Gateway 

MX6420Gateway MX6421Gateway MX6423Gateway MX6424Gateway MX6425Gateway MX6428Gateway MX6450Gateway MX6625Gateway 

MX6627Gateway MX6627hGateway MX6629Gateway MX6629hGateway MX6631Gateway MX6650Gateway MX6650hGateway MX7515Gateway 

MX7515hGateway MX7525Gateway MX8520Gateway MX8523Gateway MX8525Gateway MX8528Gateway NX200SGateway NX200XGateway 

NX250XGateway NX500SGateway NX500XGateway NX550XGateway NX550XLGateway S-7200NGateway S-7500NGateway Solo 1100Gateway 

Solo 1150Gateway Solo 1200Gateway Solo 1400Gateway Solo 1450Gateway Solo 2100Gateway Solo 2150Gateway Solo 2200Gateway 

Solo 2300Gateway Solo 2500Gateway Solo 2550Gateway Solo 3100Gateway Solo 3150Gateway Solo 400 SeriesGateway Solo 

450Gateway Solo 5100Gateway Solo 5150Gateway Solo 5300Gateway Solo 600Gateway Solo 9100Gateway Solo 9150Gateway Solo 

9300Gateway Solo 9300VEGateway Solo 9500Gateway Solo 9550Gateway Solo Pro 9300-EGateway Solo5350Gateway Tablet PC 

M1200Gateway Tablet PC M1300Gateway W322

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1 x  AC Adapter  Power Adapter
1 x  US  UK  EU AU ....Power Cable (fit your country)

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